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Get Rid Of Your [email protected] Inbox

I’m not advocating getting rid of your info account altogether. And if you don’t have one you really need one. What I’m saying is it shouldn’t have its own inbox. It should forward to key members of your team (in if it’s just you … well you know).If you use the [email protected] address you already...


Morning Chalk Up

Built in WordPress, this fully custom theme also integrates a number of custom PHP scripting to facilitate signups connecting to MailChimp (though the MailChimp 3.0 API), as well as a custom Goal setter we built for the new year this past year (you can see it here). The Morning Chalk Up is continuing to grow...



So I have been quiet because a) lazy and b) I’ve been working in politics. And I need to prevent myself from getting into trouble. That said one of the teams I’m working for is Ron Johnson For Senate here in Wisconsin (Ive stayed in 1 place for over 6 months now!). Today we sent out...


Switching Hosts

You may not notice (actually I’m sure you won’t), but I’ve made a big change to the website. I’ve changed hosting providers. Up until today I have been hosting this iteration of the site on Google Cloud. It’s a good service and is pretty flexible for what I want but I ran into a few...

I Did A Lot 0

I Did A Lot

Today I did a lot. But I accomplished nothing. Those days happen. But they take a lot out of you. At least only 2 websites went down today. And were hacked. It was a rough day. Now sleep.

Building A Niche Site … Kind Of 0

Building A Niche Site … Kind Of

I own a few domains that I have hopes of using at one point or another. One that I tried to do something with once already (and failed) is You’ll notice I’m not linking to it because, as of this post, it doesn’t exist. There are 2 reasons why. First I had it hosted on...