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100 Words, Day 2

Remember what I was saying in post 1 about not doing a good job of keeping up previously? I already missed a day and this is only my second post doing this. But it’s a learning experience. I should mention I’m working as an Inbound Marketer in Wisconsin. Some might describe that as being akin...


100 Words, Day 1

100 words is an experiment for me. I have watching my friend, Nicholas Lindley, and his progress doing this but I didn’t understand what he was doing until recently. The idea is to write a post every day using only 100 words. I constantly want to work on my own writing skills but it usually turns...


Washingtonian Subscriptions

After joining Washingtonian Magazine I found the subscription process needed to be retooled from the ground up. While the forms worked they did not work well and tracking was nonexistent. So I rebuilt the PHP backend from the ground up using OOP methods and built a responsive form on the Bootstrap framework.You can see the...


No On 37

Utilizing the design ability of MarktimeMedia I worked with the campaign to develop these on message graphics. they were used in social media campaigns, inbound marketing pushes, and email campaigns. In the end the campaign succeeded in blocking CA Prop 37


Stop The HIT

Built on Drupal 6, this site features a robust custom theme and advance module use to achieve the clients goals. Unfortunately not responsive, this site still shows the quality and staying power of a Drupal 6 site. You can view the live site at:


Switching Hosts

You may not notice (actually I’m sure you won’t), but I’ve made a big change to the website. I’ve changed hosting providers. Up until today I have been hosting this iteration of the site on Google Cloud. It’s a good service and is pretty flexible for what I want but I ran into a few...

I Did A Lot 0

I Did A Lot

Today I did a lot. But I accomplished nothing. Those days happen. But they take a lot out of you. At least only 2 websites went down today. And were hacked. It was a rough day. Now sleep.

Image ©GORUCK. Java in a birthday hat. 0

Taking Stock at 31

If you didn’t know, it’s my birthday today. I’m turning 31. To be completely honest, I have a hard time comprehending that. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was turning 18. I don’t really feel like an adult. And I have a hard time picturing adulthood still. What I wanted to do...


A Pair Of WW2 Cemetaries

I had the chance to visit 2 Word War 2 cemeteries in Luxembourg the other day. And to say the contrast between the American and German cemetery is vast is an understatement. The main difference is that the US cemetery is maintained by the government and the German is maintained by a private charity. I’ll...

Building A Niche Site … Kind Of 0

Building A Niche Site … Kind Of

I own a few domains that I have hopes of using at one point or another. One that I tried to do something with once already (and failed) is You’ll notice I’m not linking to it because, as of this post, it doesn’t exist. There are 2 reasons why. First I had it hosted on...