TeamChallenge 2015 – Rock&Roll Las Vegas Half-Marathon

I’m at it again. But this year I am fortunate enough to have Erica by my side as we train and eventually participate in the next TeamChallenge event.

This year is the final year that TeamChallenge will be the title charity of the Las Vegas Rock&Roll Marathon and 1/2 Marathon. So I figured it’s about time to do it before it’s gone (for TC). So it took some convincing but Erica agreed to do the half with me in November. You know what that means … fundraising.

In the past I’ve just done straight asks for help. Well this year I’ll be doing that again. But I plan on incorporating events and sales as well to help bolster our efforts. But more on that to come later.

That I need from you right now is help getting started. We need to raise $6,600 which is no small feat. So if you would consider making a $5 donation now to get us started that would be amazing.

Can’t afford to help right now? Not so fast! By getting the word out you will be helping us immensely. So please consider sharing this Facebook post as well (Twitter to come):

You can read about our story on the donation page then continue on to make your $5 donation now.

Thank you for all the love and support.

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