Switching Hosts

You may not notice (actually I’m sure you won’t), but I’ve made a big change to the website. I’ve changed hosting providers.

Up until today I have been hosting this iteration of the site on Google Cloud. It’s a good service and is pretty flexible for what I want but I ran into a few issues I didn’t love. First was access to the server. Essentially everything is API driven so if you want to connect via command line you have to install the API toolbox for it. I’m sure a lot of people love the way Google runs their system, but for me it’s just so cumbersome. I know I can use ZSH aliases and just solve half my issues with Google, but in the end I was paying roughly $20 a month for this site and I didn’t get anything out of it from my perspective.

So what I started to look for was a new hosting solution. Being in the WordPress community I started to look at WP specific hosts. but the more I thought about it I wanted to be sure I could work on my Drupal projects with it as well. Not to mention my PHP and lord knows what else projects as well.

I was asking some friends and was directed toward Linode. First off I’ve not been using it long. But I like what i’ve seen so far. SSD hosting is great. But they give me access the way I want. An IP and a fresh server. And at the cheapest it’s only $10 a month. It can go up from there but for now I don’t see the need for that. But they have bash profile scripts for new servers if you want. Or you can pick your Linux distro and go, which is what I did.

I’m sure I’ll say more about it later as I dig in further. But so far I’m very happy with how this has gone. And the performance on the site so far is better than I was seeing on a better Google server. So consider that.

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