Determination is hard. It really is. I personally consider myself a driven and hard working person. But there are times, perhaps a lot of times, where I feel like I lack determination. I think that is exemplified in the number of times I’ve rebooted this site. Or how I have not created the bait of updating it. So here I am at a new instance and at a crossroads.

In November I left Washington, DC and moved all my and Erica’s stuff to a storage unit near my parents in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Then at the beginning of December we hopped a plane to fly to her parents in Neu-Anspach, Germany. And now we are just 3 short weeks away from heading back to Florida and, in truth, the unknown of starting over.

And I truly mean starting over. Neither of us have jobs (though I am freelancing for Washingtonian Custom Media, primarily on the two DEA sites I put together which I would totally rebuild again, better, if I had the chance). We don’t currently have a place to live (though I am hoping to actually solve that issue tonight). And frankly, we don’t really have any money (moving everything is expensive). But it’s okay. Because these past 3 months or so have given me a chance to think, evaluate, and set my sights on the life I want.

Of course, I should be cautious when I say that because, truthfully, do any of us know what we really want? I doubt it. But that’s okay. I have a plan. And interviews. The interviews have given me some comfort, I think. A couple of big, well-known companies in the circles I work in are talking to me and we will see what happens. One might require a move to Austin, TX (though I’m hoping they agree to not that as the turnaround would be a bit of a stressor for me) and the other is remote but I would be traveling a lot.

On top of all that though I have other plans. And they amount to contingency if I don’t get a new full-time job. and that’s comforting. It’s my hope to work with merchants, breweries, tourist shops, and whoever in the Panama City Beach, FL area to build a portfolio of great marketing plans and successes. I love helping the smaller guys and it’s a great area to do that.

Secondly I finally want to start personal training and nutrition sessions as a coach. I’ve been slowly working towards this for about a year now and it’s about time I get on it. I have my CF L1, but I want a more formal Certified Personal Trainer certification as well. So by the time I get back I hope to be ready to take the NSAM-CPT exam. Along with ideally a nutrition coach exam as well.

I love photography. I don’t think I’m too bad at it either. So I’m going to start back into it. With a goal in mind. First I just want to get a good camera and work on my picture taking chops. An iPhone is nice for some things, but I look at my pictures and want to do more with them. But I have another goal in mind as well. And it’s a book. There is a project, which I won’t be discussing just yet as there are a number of pieces that need to be put in place first, that I have wanted to do for years. It’s a photography book that tells a great story in my opinion. The thought of creating a book is pretty awe-inspiring to me, but it’s not the only one I have in mind.

I am planning on a second book. This one is on marketing and the study of analytics as part of marketing. Primarily for beginners I think there is a lot of information out there that needs to be broken down so small businesses can help themselves. So I will try to put one together. It could just be an ebook, we will see. As part of it I am working on doing a number of talks on that very topic to get myself straight as well. I’m applied to speak at DrupalCon LA, WordCamp Minneapolis and WordCamp Seattle: Experienced. So far. WordCamp Miami is next. When they start accepting submissions.

So my life is “in order”. Not really, but there are plans and contingencies. And that’s what is important. And there is always more to mention. GORUCK Events, SCUBA Diving and getting my Instructor cert (finally) and more.

This site is going to be the home of me. And if all goes well I’ll keep it up and turn it into a great portal for all things Eric. I have a new site I’m trying to get up called MarketingByTheNumbers. I’ll talk about that in my next post. And a few other projects in my head to come. I just have to stay determined.

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